Parkwood Village Homeowners Association
                Emergency Disaster Plan

 Though we do not live near an ocean or gulf, inland areas can still feel the effects of any major hurricane or tropical storm.  We are not immune to the high winds, rain, or snow that can result from storms.  It is important for everyone to be prepared for any emergency that affects the community regardless of how big or small.  You need to know what to do, what resources are available, where to go, and who to call in any emergency.  The purpose of this plan is to provide information, direction, and communication to aid our community in response to common disasters such as (Tornado, Storm, Wind, Flood Damage, Fire, and Power Outages.) 

               Be Ready When Disaster Strikes
Emergency Disaster Plan

Ready Wisconsin

Resolve 2B Ready

Basic Phone Information

Tap-Bottled Water

Dane Co. Household Plan

This is not clipart.  These are real photos from the November 2013 tornado that struck my hometown of Coal City, Illinois.  A trio of EF-2 tornadoes with winds ranging from 111 to 135 mph left a 13 mile path of destruction.  Fortunately, I had phone numbers available to be able to confirm my family was safe; however, it still took several hours before I was able to reach them.

Don't make your family worry any more than is necessary.  Complete the form "Should A Community Disaster Occur" located in the Emergency Disaster Guide (top left) and give it to Management or any Board Member.  This information will be most helpful to medical personnel and the emergency disaster team in treating injuries and in contacting family members. 

For additional pictures of the above tornado, click on the link below.